Epoxy DIY

Epoxy Flooring – Why not DIY?

So you saw a video clip on YouTube and you’ve decided to head down to Home Depot and do it yourself. You’ve bought the epoxy and you’ve reached the moment of truth, applying the epoxy to your garage floor. So far, it sounds like a single productive day that could save you a lot of money. So why on earth would people quit in the middle of the job and call us?

Here’s why: because they’ve found out the hard way that DIY is a lot more complicated. It’s just a matter of when you discover that for yourself.

Many clients contact us after realizing that they don’t have the right tools to do the entire job themselves, like grinding and sealing the concrete prior to applying the epoxy.

Clients have even asked whether we can use materials they’ve already purchased, but unfortunately, the answer is no. We work directly with factories that produce the specific materials we use and that offer us a warranty.

Lots of video clips are out there that make the work seem almost instantaneous. But in fact, they’re probably skipping stages along the way and missing the mark. It’s impossible to cover the entire process of epoxy flooring in a single short video clip. Successful epoxy flooring demands knowledge and experience; it’s an entire specialty all by itself.

Countless times, we’ve been called in to fix work that was done with cheap epoxy. Fortunately, those clients all ended up satisfied (even if the process started out with lots of frustration thanks to the illusion that it would be a simple DIY project).

In fact, they’re often especially grateful that we were able to save them from the embarrassment of a failed DIY project.